Who We Are


Pioneer of Veterinary Vaccines in Japan

Whereas treatment with antibiotics can lead to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, vaccines work in advance to prevent the onset of infectious diseases by immunostimulation. Since the company was founded in 1948, KYOTOBIKEN has consistently pursued development of safe and highly reliable veterinary vaccines.

We continue to engage in cutting-edge R&D and ensure the stable supply of our products in order to contribute to animal health and support human safety.

Our Founding Vision – Animal Well-being Matters
KYOTOBIKEN was established as Japan’s first private veterinary vaccine manufacturer inspired by the mission of safeguarding public hygiene during the immediate post-World War II period. At that time, infectious diseases such as rabies, classical swine fever, and Newcastle disease, were rampant, posing threats to the health of the Japanese people.
Against this backdrop, the government of the day gave approval for privately owned veterinary vaccine manufacturers to operate as suppliers of preventive medicines, and they have played important roles, ever since. KYOTOBIKEN played an active role in securing public hygiene and stable food supply through its development of various products for protecting animals against diseases at a time when Japan was facing a food crisis.
Therein lies the origin of KYOTOBIKEN’s corporate philosophy: “Animal Well-being Matters.”
KYOTOBIKEN – Farmers’ Choice for Bovine Vaccines
vaccine KYOTOBIKEN enjoys a dominant share of Japan’s domestic bovine vaccine market. Our products are highly rated by many livestock farmers and have consistently made major contributions to the health of Japan’s beef and milk cattle.
 A major reason why bovine vaccine became a strength of KYOTOBIKEN is that we have invested a great deal of time in closely studying cattle and talking with farmers. It is due to this experience and our ongoing R&D that we have been able to come out with unique products.
We will continue our efforts so that people will always say: “When it comes to bovine vaccine, KYOTOBIKEN is the name to choose!”
From Kyoto to the World
As our first offshore operation designed to facilitate a better response to global market demands, we decided to establish a new company in Hanoi, Vietnam. In Southeast Asia, where the animal health market is expected to grow due to demand from increasing populations and improved livestock industries, pig and poultry farming is as active as in Japan. Interest in cattle farming is also growing, year on year.


June 1948 Established and begins production in the city of Kyoto
July 1966 1号館Relocated to Uji, Kyoto
January 1973 Miyazu Branch Office opened in Miyazu, Kyoto
January 1994 物流センターDistribution Center opened in Uji, Kyoto
January 2009 Distribution Center 2 opened in Uji, Kyoto
July 2011
Kyoto Biken Hanoi Laboratories, Co., Ltd. Established in Vietnam
January 2012 第二研究所Research Center 2 opened in Uji, Kyoto