Veterinarians visited KYOTOBIKEN

We are happy to share information that international veterinarians, studying in Japan form mainly Southeast Asian countries, visited KYOTOBIKEN on 25th in the last month and learned our business operation.

Each of them has been taking part in a training program for one year, to be established by JVMA (Japan Veterinary Medical Association), at a department of veterinary medicine in universities all over Japan. As the special event, JVMA organized an educational group tour inviting all of these veterinarians, and KYOTOBIKEN was appointed as one of their destinations with our great honor.

14 veterinarians from 12 countries arrived at KYOTOBIKEN by bus in the morning and we showed them our company introduction at first. Then we were pleased to guide them around our facilities such as production areas. They were watching so religiously and carefully that we were asked many questions.

After the end of our company tour session, we moved to a French restaurant for our luncheon party, located in "Fushimi" famous as Japanese "sake" production area with a long history, using a traditional Kyoto townhouse which is about 150 years old.

We had a very good time indeed enjoying our conversations, as our guests were fond of Japan, and had a chance to know some fascinating information about each country they were from.

We hope that all of our guests are now aware of "KYOTOBIKEN" brand and that our products will be used to help them in near future after they come back and resume working in each country.